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Winter Jewelry Care Tips

Snow in Charlotte, via James Willamor Snow in Charlotte, via James Willamor

From engagement rings to those beautiful diamond earrings you received Christmas morning, there are few possessions that can rival how special jewelry is. It is imperative that we take the necessary steps to protect our jewelry and preserve it’s beauty so we can appreciate its allure for years to come. While Charlotte's winter can present its own unique challenges to keeping fine jewelry protected, a few easy and simple precautions will make winter jewelry care a breeze.

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How to care for your jewelry while bundling up

Winter means cooler weather and that means layering up. Some winter-specific clothing items (think gloves, scarves and hats) and more layers means added risk of snagging your jewelry when getting dressed and undressed, which could result in the loss or damage of rings, earrings, and the like. A simple trick is to put your jewelry on only after getting fully dressed, and removing jewelry entirely before getting undressed. If you wear hats or gloves that may cover your jewelry, take special care when removing these articles.

We also recommend removing any jewelry before going to bed as pieces can easily get caught on blankets.

How to care for jewelry while having fun

From playing in the snow and roasting marshmallows to more adventurous skiing and snowboarding, winter brings along some of our favorite activities. Unfortunately, some of these pastimes are not so friendly to our jewelry. These activities sometime present extreme conditions that can pose serious threats to the state of your jewelry. When participating in extreme winter activities, leave your jewelry at home to ensure that none of your precious pieces are lost or damaged. And remember to always store your jewelry in a safe place, shielded from excessive heat, sunlight, and moisture.

Also remember residue buildup can cause stones to appear cloudy and lose some of their sparkle. Harsh winter weather often calls for special skin care, like the increased use of lotion. But make sure that when caring for your skin, you’re also caring for your jewelry. Remove any jewelry before washing your hands, bathing, or applying lotion.

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How to care for jewelry while traveling

With holidays, winter breaks and snowy landscapes, winter often means traveling. If jewelry is on your packing list, properly store and pack these items to ensure their safety. Never toss loose jewelry into a suitcase as it could easily be lost or damaged. Try and pack jewelry in a padded area of your suitcase, preferably in a box or pouch that was provided with the piece. If you’re flying, consider keeping your jewelry close by packing it in your carry on so you can keep a close eye on it’s whereabouts and condition.

It may be a good idea to purchase a travel jewelry box made with special materials and with designated compartments to protect and store your jewelry.


Although winter poses unique threats to jewelry, it’s important to take good care of these delicate belongings all year round. Set a calendar reminder to clean your jewelry at least once a month- and even more often for pieces that you wear daily. Also, consider regularly taking your jewelry to a professional jeweler for annual check-ups. Our team can assess the state of your jewelry (down to details not seen by the unaided eye) and help prevent damage like tarnish or loosened stones.

Have fun this season, but make sure to protect your jewelry so you can continue to enjoy it's splendor for many winter's to come!


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