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Monthly Archives: May 2016

  • Where Not to Buy Your Engagement Ring

    We have all been there, lured into the large chain stores by elaborate marketing that promises low prices... Home Depot is great for pea gravel, but is this really where you want to buy your engagement ring?

    If you are buying your engagement ring from one of the large chain jewelry stores it is a lot like shopping for your engagement ring at a big box home center- minus the return guarantee and the free popcorn.

    Engagement ring buyers beware, the only thing that is usually amazing about these places is that year after year these stores manage to stay in business. At David’s Ltd Jewelers here in Charlotte, we often see customers after they have lost money, time, patience and even their diamond thanks to shopping at one of the large chain stores and this is why we are encouraging you to buy with us or another reputable local jeweler for your most important jewelry purchase.

    Three stone engagement ring by Hearts on Fire Hearts on Fire three stone engagement ring will take her breath away!

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    The Pricing of Engagement Rings

    The most common reason to shop at a local jeweler, like David’s, is you will get the best value for your money. David’s wants to sell you an engagement ring but more importantly, David’s Ltd. wants to make you a happy repeat customer. David’s wants you to come back and we are in business because we are very good at what we do.

    Engagement rings come is so many styles, sizes and levels of quality it is almost impossible to compare one to another. Diamonds themselves are individually rated and/or certified but determining what all this information means in the current market for a particular stone is very difficult. Valuing a diamond properly takes years of training.

    At David’s this is what our jewelers do, every day, every week of the year. So when you shop at our store you are buying years of diamond experience and understanding of the diamond market. Compare this to the sales “team” at any of the chain stores and you will immediately see the difference. Come into David’s and let us show you why clarity is important or how polish effects the look and value of a diamond and then do the same thing at one of the larger stores. At David’s we are here to educate our buyers and get them the very best diamond possible.

    Desire diamond in Rose Gold Desire Diamond Ring by Hearts on Fire in Rose Gold, Simply Amazing.

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    There is More to a Ring than a Diamond

    An engagement ring is more than a diamond; it is a hard working piece of jewelry that is worn every day, almost all day, doing everything from gardening to groceries. How your fiancée lives her life and what she does with her hands are very important considerations when choosing an engagement ring. At David’s we know all the questions to ask in order to get you the right diamond ring for the woman in your life.

    In addition, and this is a very important addition, our rings are designed to last and wear well. David’s approach to the setting of the ring is vastly different from most of the larger stores that import their settings by the thousands.

    Back in the 1960s, it was common to see nice stones in rings with abominably poor settings. When these rings were worn more than a few times, the stones would come loose and fall out. For roughly fifty years this phenomena became less common, but it’s back and this time the rings aren’t coming home with our soldiers they are being sold right here to unsuspecting customers. To add insult to injury, some of the chain stores charge additional amounts for “service contracts” that require you to come into the store every six months so that they can check the setting. So what happens if your wife gets busy and she misses one of these appointments and the setting fails???

    David’s Ltd crafts every setting to last and we also take great care to set every stone to its best advantage. Our jewelers are artisans and each setting is designed as a beautiful piece of jewelry and as a ring that will wear well and protect your diamond.

    Lorelei Triple Row Solitaire Engagement Ring Lorelei Triple Row Solitaire Engagement Ring for the Sophisticated Bride

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    Larger Jewelry Stores Don’t Have More Selection

    Years ago, whatever a local retail jeweler had in his store was what he had. This is no longer the case. David’s Ltd. belongs to large diamond databases with the best stones available anywhere in the world. Most of these diamonds can be delivered in as little as a day so that you can see what they look like before you purchase them. What you see in our store is only a select sampling of the stones that are available. Ironically, some of the larger stores actually have a more limited selection because they are forced to use their parent company’s databases rather than the diamond databases used by David’s Ltd.

    Hearts on Fire Illustrious Engagement Ring This Hearts on Fire is an Illustrious Beauty!

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    Do Your Homework: Find a Good, Reputable Jeweler

    We encourage our buyers to become as knowledge as possible before they buy an engagement ring. It is just as important to become knowledgeable about who is selling you your engagement ring and what their customers think of them. Read through store reviews and spend some time looking at comments on sites like Facebook, Yelp and Twitter. Above all, be particular about choosing the right jeweler and establish a relationship with him/her that can grow over many years.

    Hearts On Fire Wedding Bands at David's Ltd. Jewelers Hearts On Fire Wedding Bands at David's Ltd. Jewelers

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