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Watch Out for Dad This Father’s Day: Shinola, the American Watch for Dad

Dads spend most of their time watching out for everyone else. Dads take care of the family, cut the grass, coach the kids in soccer and make sure that the house is still standing after the basement floods. American dads do it all. This Father’s Day show Dad you care with a special gift, a Shinola watch from David’s LTD Jewelers in Charlotte, NC. This is a timepiece that matches the can do attitude of American men.

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The Shinola Watch Company and the Revival of Detroit

The Shinola Watch Company in Detroit, Michigan builds Shinola watches. Started in 2011 by Tom Kartsotis, one of the founders of Fossil, Shinola was established on the idea that it was time for there to be an excellent American built watch. In the 1960s, Japanese movements drove nearly all of the world’s watchmakers except for a few tenacious Swiss companies out of business. Until the birth of Shinola,  it has been impossible to buy a high-end American-built watch.

Detroit, with its history of production and incentives for new businesses, appealed to Kartsotis, and in 2011 Shinola started building watches and bicycles in Detroit. Their first run of watches sold out in a week. Today, Shinola employs about 500 employees in their Detroit factory and every single watch is built in Detroit. The company invests quality training in their employees and supports additional American companies through their purchase of locally made components. Although a few of the parts in their watches still come from overseas, the goal of the company is to eventually make every single component themselves. Every year Shinola is able to add American-built items to their watches and grow their business. The company is located within the College of Creative Studies on the fifth floor of the Alfred A. Taubman Building in Detroit, Michigan in a space previously used as an automobile research lab.


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Shinola Watches: Quality Timepieces Built to Last

Every Shinola watch comes with a lifetime guarantee. These are beautiful, durable, quality timepieces. Men can be particularly hard on watches so this type of guarantee is exceptional. Shinola watches include precise quartz movements and beautiful leather bands, most of which are made in Chicago’s Horween Leather Tannery. The process used to make the leather is a multi-month tanning process that produces strong, flexible and beautiful leather. Every watch is also water resistant up to 165 ft. underwater.

The styling of Shinola watches sets them apart from other watches available today. The proportions are amazing. They are sleek without being feminine or precious. The luminous dials are traditional, yet easy to read. Shinola faces are available in beautiful colors including a rich green and a fabulous deep sapphire blue making it easy to give Dad a watch in his favorite color. The care that has gone into the styling and design of these watches is clear when they are placed next to a watch by another maker. When you do this, the stunning quality and the beauty of Shinola proportions is obvious. Shinola has absolutely captured the American aesthetic that has made companies like Apple Computer and Google global powerhouses. This watch embodies the style, ingenuity and tenacity that sets American men apart from all the others in the world.

The watches are also unique in that they come in a variety of different sizes, ranging from 36 mm to the 48 mm. The ability to choose between sizes is an important advantage to this brand of watch.


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This Father’s Day come into David’s LTD Jewelers and buy Dad a piece of new American history. We know he will love and admire this gift and it will last him a lifetime. This is the timepiece that will watch out for Dad so that he is able to do everything he does on time and effortlessly.

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