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Happy Summer Days! New Heather B. Moore Pieces at David’s LTD Jewelers

The jewelry by designer Heather B. Moore is always changing, always developing, and every year her designs seem to become more interesting. Fresh and organic, Heather’s charms reflect the passion and love she has for both her art and her children. Heather B. Moore’s new designs are in at David’ LTD Jewelers but we can’t promise that they will last.

New Heather Moore Designs

Heather B Moore: Charming

Heather B. Moore’s story is an interesting one. She started making her signature stamped metal charms for herself. Heather started stamping small sayings on pieces of metal when she was 13 years old after she acquired her first stamp set at a garage sale. Using this set, Heather stamped a small silver plaque that she kept in her wallet. The plaque read, ‘I said to my sister and she said to me: ‘Come, let’s play laughter together.’”

As Heather’s art career developed, she became a glass blower and she started making small pieces of enamel jewelry. Heather gained acclaim for her enamel and silver line and it earned her the Rising Star Award in 2000 from JCK. However, these pieces were not to become her calling card.

Her signature charms were developed for herself with the names of her children on them. Wearing the charms on a necklace around her neck, her children would play with them, looking for the charm that held their name. Heather wore this necklace to a show where she was selling her enamel jewelry and instead of asking about the jewelry she was selling, customers kept asking her if she sold the charms on the necklace around her neck. This was in 2004. Heather went home, changed her focus and the rest is history.

heather b moore Charms

The Quality of Heather B. Moore Jewelry

There are many different personalized charms in the jewelry market today but almost none of them use the quality craftsmanship and materials that are the hallmark of this jewelry line. Heather’s placement of characters and the freehand stamping set this collection apart. The sayings and words are calligraphy rather than commercial lettering and this is what draws the eye in. When you look at the designs, your eye will see something you weren’t expecting and this encourages you to look further. The more you look at Heather B. Moore Jewelry, the more you will see and appreciate the simple little surprises.

Heather B Moore bracelets

Wonderful New Heather B. Moore Bracelet Designs for Summer

Heather B. Moore bracelets just capture the carefree spirit of Summer. Beautiful and easy to wear, mix and match bracelets and charms to create your own personalized Heather B. Moore ensemble with a meaning and style that is as unique as you are!

bracelets by Heather B. Moore