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  • Summer Jewelry Safety Tips From David's LTD

    Summer is here and it brings wonderful fun involving all things wet and wonderful! Yet just as the sun can scorch your skin, summer can do some serious damage to your jewelry if you aren’t careful. Here are some tips for keeping your jewelry and your summer radiant.

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    Tip # 1: Don’t Take Your Engagement Ring Off

    This was my grandmother’s all time favorite engagement ring tip. She used to say, “No one loses their ring when it’s on their finger.” Summer is a time when you are headed to the beach, then to the club, out for tennis and then to dinner. This is a recipe for a fun filled summer day and also for ring disaster. If your engagement ring isn’t going to play as hard as you are, it’s time to plan. A little planning now can save you a ton of heart ache later. You can either wear your ring, leave your ring at home or you can plan a safe place on your mobile person- such as in a secure zip location in your purse or in a locked compartment of your car. Be aware that the “safe” mobile location can only be as safe as the location itself. For example, placing your ring in your purse in an unlocked locker at the pool is not a safe location. Secondly, wherever your safe location is- make it a habit to always use it. This way you will develop a habit of using this special place for your ring whenever it is not on your finger.

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    Tip #2: Keep your Jewelry Out of Salt, Chlorine and Summer Heat


    Does your summer vacation involve basking in the water for hours at a time? Pay attention to this section if you are a water lover. Your jewelry is probably being exposed to either chlorine or high concentrations of salt and both can permanently damage your jewelry.

    In the hot summer heat, pools and the ocean provide welcome relief. Unfortunately, both have harsh contents that can be harmful to precious jewelry. Pool water has chlorine which over time can disintegrate gold. If you were to put a gold ring in direct bleach, it can disintegrate within minutes of exposure. The higher the karat of the gold, the longer it takes for the exposure to cause serious damage.

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    Salt water has extremely high levels of salt and minerals which can erode soldered jewelry joints. This can lead to very serious issues. Gemstones can come lose from their mountings and fragile pieces may even break. In some cases, pitting can occur, leaving a rough texture on the surface of the piece.

    The summer season brings such great styles to wear with our jewelry and we all love the sun, but try not to wear your precious metals in the water this season, and if you forget, give them a thorough rinse afterwards to get rid of any unwanted chemicals and salts.

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    Summer Jewelry Tip #3: Let the Lotion Dry


    Summer sunscreen and lotions are a must for most women. Unfortunately, lotions are not our jewelry’s best friend. Hand lotion and especially sunscreen can build up on the surface of your jewelry making your pieces look dull and lifeless. Getting the grease out of the small delicate spaces in jewelry is also a real chore.

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    Instead, get in the habit of using lotions in the evening after you have taken your jewelry off. In the morning put on your sunscreen first thing and then wait 5-10 minutes before putting on your jewelry. You will see a difference in the sparkle of your favorite pieces.


    Enjoy your summer in style with David’s LTD Jewelers!

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