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Our Jewelry repair services include:

  • Ring Sizing
  • Tightening of loose stones
  • Polishing and refinishing
  • Laser and Torch Soldering
  • Clasp Adjustment
  • Replacement of Lost or Broken stones
  • Restringing of Pearls
  • Tips and Prong Repair
  • Setting of stones
  • And much, much more!

Precious metals and gemstones have been combined to produce beautiful jewelry for thousands of years. Designs, craftsmanship and the quality of this jewelry has been, and always will be, as varied as the men and women designing and manufacturing them. No type of jewelry design, precious metal or gemstone is impervious to wearing down or possible damage. While diamonds and sapphires are the hardest of all gemstones, and will resist damage and excessive wear better than all other gems, all jewelry will require periodic examination, replacement of lost or chipped gemstones, refurbishing, and other forms of repair or replacement of worn and damaged parts. Diamonds can become loose in their settings and must be tightened; prongs and shanks wear thin; chains, bracelet links and clasps break; bails on pendants wear out and pearl necklaces must be re-strung.

David’s Ltd. Jewelers offers uncompromising professional reconditioning and repair* on your most treasured pieces of fine jewelry.

*Repair estimates are often quoted at take-in, based on standardized pricing in our computer repair module. Once your jewelry is examined by our expert jewelers, it may be determined that other parts and/or services are required that exceed the initial estimate. After our initial take-in, our jewelers may discover damage to parts, settings or gemstones that were not readily visible without more detailed and/or magnified examination. If these circumstances arise, every effort will be made to contact you with a revised estimate in a timely manner, prior to any additional work being done.