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Watch Repair

David’s Ltd. Jewelers is proud to offer the finest in watch repair services in our newly renovated repair shop, having passed all the rigorous quality and design criteria as required by prominent watch manufacturers, such as Rolex and Omega. With over 47 years of experience, our staff watchmaker, George Jakowczuk, has completed numerous factory training courses including Certified Watchmaker 21 and Certified Master Electronic Watchmaker from the American Watchmaker and Clockmakers Institute, as well as his most recent accomplishment obtaining the Swatch Group Certificate USO 166 for Omega Watchmaker Evaluation 1120 and Co-Axial Training. As such, he is qualified to offer *authorized service on many fine Swiss watch brands including ROLEX, BAUME & MERCIER, OMEGA, TAG HEUER, SHINOLA and more.

*The “Authorized Service” designation, specified above, should not be interpreted to mean “Authorized Warranty Service” for any watch brands. Any operational malfunction that occurs within the time frame of that timepiece’s factory warranty, will require returning the timepiece to the watch company, or their designated warranty service center. While the service for your timepiece may be completed under factory warranty at no cost, there will still be shipping and handling charges that will apply.

Watch Battery Service

David's Ltd. offers in-store, factory authorized battery replacement services for PHILIP STEIN frequency-based timepieces, SHINOLA, TAG HEUER and most other quartz operated timepieces. Unless otherwise stated, all timepieces with water resistant ratings are required to be professionally *pressure tested to factory specifications, after performing a battery replacement service, in order to ensure the water-resistant integrity of your timepiece.

*In some cases, diver watches that are water resistant beyond a depth of 300 meters, may require your timepiece to be returned to the manufacturer for battery service, or pressure tested at the lesser depth. At the request of the customer, and at our watchmaker’s discretion, David’s Ltd. may be willing to replace batteries without performing the appropriate pressure testing at a slightly lower price. However, this service will carry no guarantee for any moisture damage that may occur at any time thereafter.

Overhaul Service

A complete watch service at David's Ltd, for such fine timepieces as Rolex, Baume & Mercier, Omega, Tag Heuer and many other fine Swiss timepieces, includes a professional and thorough ultrasonic cleaning of the internal mechanism, the proper lubrication of all moving parts per factory specifications, and adjusted for precision timing. The exterior case and watch bracelet are polished and *refinished, for a gleaming new look, and the watch is then properly sealed and pressure tested, utilizing the most advanced pressure testing equipment available and as required by the most prominent watch manufacturers in the industry.

*In many cases, our shop may be limited to the extent at which we are able to refinish a watch case and/or watch bracelet, due to a number of conditions. These conditions include, but may not be limited to, metal content, the age and condition of the timepiece, or the nature of the design and/or finishes that were applied by machinery during the production process of the watch and/or bracelet. These limitations may not be evident to our staff upon take-in, however, every effort will be made to explain any refinishing limitations prior to any work being done once our watchmaker has examined your timepiece.

Watch Repair Estimates

Price quote *estimates are always done free of charge, and while David’s Ltd. is servicing your timepiece, there is no need to lose time. David’s Ltd. will loan you a watch while your watch is being serviced.

*Repair estimates are often quoted at take-in, based on standardized pricing in our computer repair module. However, once the timepiece is examined by our expert watchmaker, it may be determined that other parts and/or services are required that exceed the initial estimate. If these circumstances arise, every effort will be made to contact you with a revised estimate in a timely manner, prior to any additional work being done.